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How To Use Pastels For Temporary Hair Colour
Hope you’re having a good day it’s time for another hair tutorial.
Have you ever wondered how you could get temporary, bright, cute hair colours without having to worry about the commitment?
Oh my god I sound like an informercial.
Well there are several ways to do it but my favorite answer is using soft art pastels.
Please don’t use oil pastels for this. Oil pastels and soft pastels are not the same thing.
Soft pastels have a chalky feeling where as oil pastels are obviously really oily.
So you’re not going to get the same effect.
The pastels I’m using are from Daiso and they were $2.80.
The hardest thing about this tutorial is picking the colour.
For the actual technique, all you need to do is separate the hair you want to colour.
Put a piece of cardboard or paper under it to protect the hair underneath.
And draw the pastel on.
You can make it as bright as you want just by drawing more on. Super easy!
Before you ask, yes it does work on dark hair.
If you have dark hair you may need to apply a bit more to get the colour as bright.
Keep in mind also that artists pastels come in different grades so make sure to look for a soft pastel that is really pigmented.
Don’t forget to do the underneath and the ends as well.
So far I haven’t experienced any damage using this technique on myself or others.
If you are concerned or you’ve had hair damage in the past, I would always suggest that you go to a hairstylist and get them to look over your hair first just in case.
Once you are finished with the colour, add some hair spray to seal it in.
Then just brush it through with the rest of the hair and you’re good to go.
Afterwards you can just shampoo your hair and get rid of the colour completely.
It’s a great way to have crazy colours on the weekend if you’re working in an office or still going to school with strict dress codes.
Now that I’ve tried it with some different pinks, I think I want to try it with blues and purples.
I think that would be super cute.
I hope this was a useful video, good luck if you give it a try.
Make sure you check out the blog post linked in the description, there’s a photo tutorial there you can download as well.
And thanks so much for watching, bye!

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