I’ve been painting again. It seems the mood strikes once every six months or so!


These first two are just fairly standard but after having a terrible day, I splurged at an art store and bought some paper different than I generally use and it really inspired me to branch out into new techniques.


In these techniques I’m trying to be a bit freer with my painting. Less concerned with mistakes. Less of a complete control freak XD

This has been my favorite piece so far, I realised half way through that it looked a bit like Flame Princess from Adventure Time.



I’m trying to play more with colour and texture which I really enjoy and be less concerned with the subjects.

I love colour.


I’ve also been playing with different papers and cityscapes.


It’s a very stressful time of year for us at the moment so it’s nice to have something that I really enjoy doing for late at night.

I’m having a lot of fun with these so hopefully the inspiration lasts! What has been inspiring you lately?