Woohoo and outfit of the day!

Today I’ve got photos and a matching video so here’s the video first!

James took these photos when we went berry picking the first time. We visited a forest nearby to do some recording and it was too pretty not to shoot something. Unforuntately while the forest is very pretty it’s also very full of bugs!



There were tiny little caterpillars all through that pretty flower! The berry picking itself was really awesome, so many delicious things to eat and even though it felt like it was a billion degrees it was worth the trip!

I hope you guys appreciate these shots, while we were taking them a leach tried to bite through my stockings *____* It was SO gross.



Outfit details:

Hat- Big W, I added the flowers
Shirt- 7Angels
Skirt- DreamV
Belt- 7Angels
Shoes- MiniMaos
Watch- Daniel Wellington



This outfit was inspired by a watch because I am completely in love with it! I picked out this outfit aiming for a bit of a school look but in a mature way. Cute but not as juvenile as most school themes tend to be. Maybe more “going to watch the Oxford rowing team” than school really. We should totally do that for one of our weekend outings! I’m trying to think of more fun things we can do each weekend like visiting wineries, beaches and other tourist spots. I used to hate doing touristy things but they seem so much more fun when you’re in the right mood and with the right people. Now I’m all for visiting tulip fields and taking road trips and having as many different experiences as possible! I want to visit the hedge mazes and go on the murder mystery train and to the beach with Lottie!

James wanted to do a shoot which was a bit “girl in the forest” so it was great that the timing matched up!



A couple of people remarked that it reminded them of “Picnic at Hanging Rock” haha! I promise not to lead any of you into the rocks though!

My favorite part of the outfit is the watch. It was sent to me from Daniel Wellington as a review piece and I’m completely obsessed. The one I have is the Classic St Andrews Lady in rose gold which I think is actually quite descriptive of this outfit.

Until a few years ago I was actually quite a fanatical watch wearer, I always wore chunky over sized watches even when in school. My Dad is actually also a fanatical collector of antique watches so apparently it’s hereditary. I stopped wearing them for a while after having an allergic reaction to a band on one of them but I think this is my ticket back into the watch world!

I’m glad I started with the lighter leather band, it’s such a classic look. I’ve been wearing it with sweeter outfits like the one above but also with darker outfits paired with leopard print bangles like below. It’s a very slim design and while the face is large it still feels very elegant and feminine.

I like that you can buy the school colour bands separately so you can interchange them depending on outfits. It’s much most cost effective than buying 10 watches haha! That’s what I’ll be telling myself anyway when I ask for the bands for my next birthday 😀 😀 😀

Rather than just being a fashion statement, the most important thing to me: it actually keeps good time 😀

Some photos from my instagram:


Now I just need to edit the rest of the photos from the berry picking day so I can put them all into a snapshots and show you how delicious it was rather than just teasing you all with these haha!

Bonus photo:

I have a limited number of poses and James told me to look “ethereal”. So classy XD


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