This is a really quick way to knock together some craft storage from an old yoga mat.


  • Old Yoga mat or foam
  • Needle and yarn or stapler
  • Scissors
I wanted to use the basket I keep my lace in for the tv area to hold cables. Good idea but what would I replace it with? I didn’t have any other things to use so I decided to make one.


First cut a rectangle of foam which is as wide as the bottom of the box plus both sides. You can see I had a helper 😉DIY-Craft-Storage-83

Put the basket in the middle of the foam and trace lightly around it 2cm from the base with the scissors so it scores the foam.


In each corner cut out a square which meets the corner of the score you made.


Snip the inner corner 2cm.


Repeat on each side and you’ll have something like this:


When you fold the edges together they should match up like this:


Stitch each side together. I used yarn and a basic whip stitch. You could staple it if you’re in a hurry but this does look a bit nicer.


Done, easy!


And all full of stuff. Apparently this was really hard work so my helper decided to have a nap ^_^


With one yoga matt you could easily make a bunch of these and have a matching storage system.

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