So it’s been just over 2 months since I started growing out my nails and has there been any progress? There has!

Here are some progress shots along the way!


Honestly this time has been a lot easier than it was last time. I think last time I focused on the growing part and obsessed about it. As a result I had really nice nails but it seemed like it took forever to get them to a decent length and I was doing a different nail art designe very few days so it took up a lot of time.


This time I didn’t have time for that at all. I barely managed to paint them let alone do nail art. Having Lottie really helped to take my mind of it as well as all of the crafting and sewing I’ve been doing for Home Sweet Home.  I think that’s been the key, rather than thinking about biting my nails I replaced the habit with something a lot more constructive: making things and getting the rest of my life on track.

Of course I didn’t manage to grown my nails as long as James’ epic guitar thumbnail. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a pro like him XD


Seriously, I don’t know how he does it and manages to keep it so strong!


This was around two weeks ago:


And now:


This was the length that I was aiming for and in 2 months I achieved it! Goals for the win!


Of course they look a bit more impressive painted. I did this Lady Rainicorn nail art from Adventure Time for Halloween. Tutorial coming soon!!!


Now if I can get them even longer it’s just a bonus. I’m going to grow them for a few more weeks and see if I can maintain that length. Not sure how I’ll deal with it if there’s a breakage, I might file them all back then and start from scratch.


Either way I’m happy to have reached a goal. I think I’ve finally kicked my nail biting habit which is even better!

For those of you who were doing this with me, how have you gone with your goals? Are your nails nice and healthy?

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