Today’s project is another recycled outfit. In fact this has been recycled before! You could probably even call this one tshirt surgery XD

I had this dress which while very comfortable I never really wore it because I didn’t like how the top sat. I had already given it a make over, I can’t find the damn post I did it in though. So typical! >_<


Anyway, the fabric was pretty so I made a couple of pajama tops out of it instead.

I cut the skirt part out and cut a piece which was long enough to wrap around my torso.


Then I stitched it in a tube and hemmed the top.


I made some straps out of the same fabric by cutting a rectangle and folding it in thirds.


I measured and stitched them on.




Extremely easy to make these. The stretchy fabric is forgiving so you don’t need to be exact in your measurements.  You can of course just buy some tshirt fabric or cut up an old shirt to make into your own version.


They are super comfy and great for sleeping in Summer when you want fabric which breathes a little better.


Now this dress has had 3 incarnations I just need to decide what to do with the bodice part of it and maybe I can make it 4 XD

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