Storing eyelashes can be quite annoying and it can take a up a lot of space. This is my solution for false eyelash storage. It’s quite simple to make and it doesn’t take up much room so it’s great if you have a lot of lashes.

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Make Your Own False Eyelash Storage Instructions
This is a simple tutorial on making a display area for false eyelashes so you can store them easily.
It’s simple and very space effective.
You will need cardboard, pretty paper, lace, tape, scissors, a glue gun and a clear plastic sheet.
I reused the materials from one of these that I made two years ago.
Cut a piece of cardboard as big as you want the finished result to be and a piece of nice paper which is a few centimeters bigger than the cardboard.
Lay the paper good side down and the cardboard on top.
Fold the edges of the paper over and tape in place.
Flipped over you’ve got this.
Place it inside the clear plastic sleeve.
You can use any kind of plastic but I just used an old plastic office display sheet.
Pull the sleeve tight and tape it in place so the front is completely smooth.
You should have something like this.
Next, cut a length of tape and place it sticky side up across the right side of the board.
Repeat with 2 more pieces of tape.
Make sure that they are all sticky side up.
This is what will hold the lashes on the board so make sure you have enough tape for the number of lashes you have.
Now place a piece of tape along the edge of the board sticky side down so it is on top of the first three.
Repeat with another piece of tape on the other side.
Lift the whole thing up.
Fold the edges of the tape over to the back and stick them down.
Snip off any overhanging tape.
What you should have not is a board with 3 sticky tape strips to hold lashes.
Time to decorate.
I’m going to use some cute lace.
using hot glue, fold the edge of the lace over and stick it in place.
Glue it down to one side of the board.
Fold the corner into a point and continue gluing the next side.
Keep gluing all the way around.
There are lots of other things you could use for decoration such as ribbon, stickers or flowers.
When you reach the end, cut off, cold the edge over and glue in place.
Now transfer your eyelashes on and you’re all done.
See the lashes are held with the tape but are able to be removed and restuck easily.
Just make sure not to use duct tape or something super strong.
Hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and a photo tutorial.
Thanks so much for watching!

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