Sometimes these Home Sweet Home projects really only need a little updating to make them work. With that in mind I remade my old eyelash holder, check out the original tutorial here.



So after a good few years my eyelash storage solution was looking a little worse for wear. It really needed the tape replaced but I figured that I would give it a completely update while I was here anyway.


While I was at it I did some very much needed maintenance and cleaned/sorted/chucked my old lashes.


The new version was done in the same paper that my doors are covered in with light eyelet lace.


I filmed doing it so if I’ve edited it by the time this goes live I’ll include the video here too ^_^


It’s amazing how much a little change like this brightens up the room though!


Sometimes ideas are good the way they are, they just need a little update to perfect them for a new space 😀

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