Another quick fix for a Home Sweet Home Project today: mini flower vases.


I bought these bee paper clips ages ago because they were so cute but I couldn’t think of a way to use them. When I was cleaning up the house in time for James’ parents to visit I finally decided to just stick them in some vases with flowers.


This is what I used:


I had these two vases that I bought at a thrift store years ago. They had little beads which are supposed to absorb cigarette smoke but apparently don’t work at all. Our neighbours are all smokers and their disgusting smoke comes through the vents in our bathroom so I’ve had to fill it with things like this >_<

Anyway they didn’t work so I figured I would stick them on our bed side tables. I found fake flowers in my stash which matched each one.


I then hot glued them onto stems which were long enough to reach the bottom.


And added the cute little bees!


Buzzzzz ^_^


So the blue one ended up on James’ side of the bed:


And the pink one on mine:


Another very quick project which makes a nice difference! Though make sure the stems you use for the flowers are plastic not wire otherwise they will rust!


Now I just need to get some more spray paint so I can actually finish our bed side tables!! >_< Baby steps!

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