Today’s outfit features a very special birthday present and a dress which is plain but now one of my favorites.


Dress- ebay
Belt- ebay
Shoes- Femme Connection
Scarf- Chanel
Brooch- Amaranth Opulent
Stockings- Myer


This is pretty much the first completely plain black dress I’ve ever owned… ever. Seriously. I know, I know, I’m missing out on the whole little black dress thing but I’ve caught up now! I bought this one from ebay on a whim for $12 and even though it’s a little big I really love it. In fact this dress is what started me liking black again. Something about it just makes me feel extra elegant!


To be honest it might also be the scarf that makes me feel like this. It was a surprise birthday present from my Dad. He came to visit around my birthday and brought some handbags as presents from my extended family in England. It was my 25th this year which is a big deal in my family and I’ve worked really hard to make the career I have so they were really generous <3

Normally I use any birthday money I receive for sensible things like bills or insurance or household appliances but this time he said I had to buy something fun and frivolous. Usually when my parents say that, they just give me money and I spend it on sensible things anyway… that’s how I got my fridge!

But not this time, this time he said we actually had to go and physically buy something that was 100% fun… That is so not me XD So he refused to give me money and instead insisted on only buying me something. The long story short is that we walked around the cbd for ages and ended up in front of Chanel waiting for James to catch up from changing his phone contract. On a whim I went inside, saw this scarf and completely fell in love! It’s so beautiful but I always feel slightly awkward wearing it because it’s probably worth more than all of my other clothes put together *_* It’s the same with the hand bags though, I’m terrified of spilling something on them or setting them down somewhere and forgetting them. I’m clearly not built to have this level of fancy things! I feel much more comfortable with my $15 dress XD

Close up of my favorite hairstyle:


Also this is what happens when I run out of poses for these outfit posts XD I clearly need to read more magazines to learn some new poses!


Some bonus shots from tutorials I made recently!


I made the skirt in this one!



These are from the new boot modification tutorial!


I can’t wait to post the tutorials!

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