Let’s call this edition of snapshots “Why Did Anyone Show Violet How To Use Sepia Mode?” ^_^

I love sepia mode, everything looks good in sepia. With sepia mode I can pretend I’m actually good at taking photos XD

See how good James looks??


And how pretty is the sky? It looks like fairy floss (or cotton candy for overseas readers)!


Even our stupid faces look less stupid!


And everything looks like Autumn all the time!


I didn’t think this puppy could get any cuter but it did! Look at those eyebrows!


Yeah even James’ horrible cake from Starbucks is fancy now 😉 On the subject, carrot cake has the be the worst thing ever invented, who would think of putting vegetables in cake?? It’s against nature!


Apparently I was very bored waiting for James at Starbucks because I took so many photos XD



Straw sharing fail! I think we’re extremely uncoordinated at doing romantic couple things, I bet if we ever tried the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing it would snap, hit one of us in the eye and blind us. >_<


Pretty city at night! It’s like living in the 1920’s 😉 but you know…with a digital camera.


The only thing I can think when I see this next one is “DO UP YOUR SHOE LACE JAMES!”…


My Dad visited and we had bagels.


Bagels were so good they totally deserve to be in colour…


Actually the shop deserves to be in colour too, it’s so adorable!


This was pretty cute too:


I think all of the best places in Melbourne are down alley ways. At least a lot of the best food is, so many tiny places here are hard to find but they’re worth searching for!


While my Dad was here he took me to visit the Chanel store, soooo many pretty things in there *_*


I was too scared to touch anything though in case I had one of those typical moments where I knock one thing over and it dominos until the entire store is engulfed in a  huge explosion haha!


I bet sepia mode would have made that look extremely cool though…

How have you guys been this week?


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