I’m going to change up the outfit posts a bit now 😀 Instead of doing several per post I’m going to do one but get more into detail about what makes up the outfit and details of what inspired it. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Dress- Made by me
Bow- Made by me
Shirt- SES

VioletLeBeauxP1080719_20154Every time I wear this dress I get Minnie Mouse comments XD I didn’t intend it when I made it and I honestly didn’t even make the connection until people started pointing it out. Totally oblivious haha!  So for this outfit I decided just to run with it and wear the gigantic bow too.

The dress was made in around 2 hours when I wanted something new to wear Christmas 6 years ago. I had a Christmas lunch planned with family and got up early with an idea in my head. I didn’t have a zip at the time so I attached some jump rings to the back and used them as lace up ties. Around a year later I added in the zipper and because it was a little short for my tastes I repurposed a skirt and added the white part to the bottom.

The bow was made a few years ago for a tutorial on how to make basic hair bows. It’s got tiny little crystals all over it 😀


I really love the combination of black, white and red. I’ve been wearing a lot more black lately because most of my light coloured stockings seem to be missing.

This was the only photo I managed to get of my make up, stolen from my own Instagram haha. I tried a heavier look with bright purple on the bottom as eyeliner.

It was done with the new Lancome palette which I am completely in love with. The purple is just drool worthy!

And because change can be scary, here are some bonus pictures that I took while trying on my new Bergamot shirt! I’ll be doing a full review soon too so look forward to that ^_^


I’m totally loving my new straight fringe again too ^_^ I really missed it for the last two years, it’s like putting on a comfy old sweater haha!


Hope you enjoyed the new version!