So a while ago I did a tutorial on how to make removable iphone covers so you could easily switch up designs on a daily basis… then I never got around to making any other designs! Well today I finally made another one. This one is much more simple and classic looking than my usual tastes so it’s perfect for times when it’s not appropriate to have crazy styles… like corporate business meetings.

Still very girly but not too over the top!


You need:

  • The kind of iphone case these fit in
  • A base made of cardboard or plastic to make the template from
  • Silver paper
  • PVA glue
  • Lace
  • Hot glue


Cover your base with PVA glue. I went a little overboard so mine took a while to dry.


Stick on the silver paper, wait for it to dry and then trim around the edges and the camera hole.


Lay out the lace in the design you want. I used 3 pieces of back lace diagonally then one piece of white over it. Hot glue the black lace in place.


Then hot glue the white lace over it. You can ignore the camera hole until it’s all dry.


Trim around the edges making sure to get as close as possible then use small scissors or a scalpel to poke out the camera hole.


Slip it in the case and you’re all done!


Very stylish 😀


It makes me want to make some more of them in lots of different styles again… so it will probably be months before that actually happens haha!

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