I love scarves. Not much more to be said, I love pretty much all scarves no matter what they’re made of but I love silk and chiffon scarves the most!

I had some chiffon left over from a skirt that I was going to make but gave up on so I decided to turn it into a scarf instead. This is a quick tutorial on how to roll the edges of silk/chiffon.


This is the skirt I was making.how-to-hand-roll-a-scarf662

I snipped it up and cut it into a rectangle. It’s very important to cut straight so it’s easier to roll.


So start at one corner.


Tie your thread in the corner.


Fold the hem over once around 2mm. You can make it smaller if you are confident in your sewing skills.


Fold it over a second time so the raw edge is completely incased inside.


Hold it in place between your fingers like this.


There are several stitches you can use here to keep it in place. I’ve done a basic whip stitch to show you how far apart the stitches should be. Usually with this kind of stitch you would move the needle inside the seam so the thread is completely hidden.


When you stitch you should make sure to only take tiny pieces from the main piece of fabric so the thread doesn’t show through everywhere.


Continue stitching all the way down until you reach the corner.


When you get there you should stitch to just before the end and fold the next side in the same way. If you roll them together tightly the corner will form a nice triangular split like this.


Keep going until you reach the start again.


Go enjoy your new scarf 😀


Hope it was useful and thanks for reading!

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