Round Up day again!

Last week I was invited to a Lancome event which Michelle Phan was here to promote and I had the chance to meet her. She was really sweet and let me take some video of us today. So that’s my first video today: Morning Make Up For Meeting Michelle Phan… try to say that 3 times fast!

Next video of the week is a video on how to make ribbon rose. I’ve done quite a few versions of this so if you can’t follow the video, just check out the photo tutorial over here.

This weeks Vlog features a win at a claw machine where I managed to get my second Gaspard et Lisa toy 😀 Such a cute story.

I’m shooting some more videos with Stef for short hair soon so if you’d like anything in particular let me know. In the mean time enjoy this updo we did which is a little volumous.

Hope you all had a great weekend! ^_^

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