Ridiculously simple decorations for holidays with absolute minimum effort? CHECK.

I wish we had more space in the apartment, it looks cluttered enough as it is without more decorations but I couldn’t help trying to do something anyway, so I made a couple of hanging puff balls. Of course I then realised I had no where to hang them and scrapped the project XD Forward thinking is not my strong point!

You need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string


Place a heap of sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and cut into a square. Fold down the middle like an accordion so it forms a bow.VioletLeBeaux-Hanging-Decoration_6103_9309

Tie a long piece of yarn around the middle.


Fluff it all out into a ball and if you want to make it a bit more interesting tear the edges of the paper. You can also do this with recycled wrapping paper from gifts to make it colourful and more interesting 😀


Hang it up and put some wanky vintage filter on you’re camera and you’re pretty much set 😀 I actually think it would look much cooler if you had about 50 of them hanging in rows from the ceiling but we don’t have anything to hang them off so I’m off to think of something more suitable 😉



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