Outfits 😀

In fact this is kind of special because this is how I used the same casual outfit from day to night with a quick accessory change.

Day time:


Dress- DreamV
Shirt- Target
Shoes- 7 Angels
Hat- Imagination
Scarf- Gift from my DadNight:


Dress- DreamV
Shirt- Target
Shoes- DreamV
Head Scarf- Crazy Clarks
Scarf- Junk Store
Glasses- Pink


I like the night version much better so there are more photos of it haha!


These shoes are so pretty but so so so so so very painful ;_;


Too many hours spent filming drives me to go slightly insane like this:



The braid at the back is my favorite part.


I’ve been playing around  with different cameras too trying to find something that I can keep permanently in place for filming. I think I would film more if I could have everything set up all the time and not have to put it together XD


This is an outfit I wore to visit animal shelters recently while we were looking to adopt a puppy.

Violet lebeaux crafts_748Violet lebeaux crafts_750

Cardigan- Ice
Dress-Miss Sunshine
Shoes-  Femme Connection

Violet lebeaux crafts_752

I really like how swishy this dress is but I wish the chiffon was pure white rather than the kind of odd grey it is. I’ve been thinking of experimenting with some of my old clothes and some bleach to see what happens 😀

Violet lebeaux crafts_758Violet lebeaux crafts_762

Every time I dye my pink I like the shade so much that I take way to many silly photos of the ends of my hair, you’re lucky I only post 1 every few months of them here, my phone is littered with them!


I’ll be off now, back to the editing screen and to work ;_;

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