Australis Eyeshadow Primer

Obtained: Gift Bag.


Before this I didn’t really use a specific eye primer, I just used my face primer all over my face. I’m always out to try something new though so for a couple of months I used this Australis eye-specific primer and noticed…. pretty much not difference at all. It went on smoothly and didn’t have any particular scent. It felt slippery on while drying and while it did make a minor difference compared to wearing no primer at all it seemed to have less hold than my regular primer. While I’ve seen some good reviews on this for other people it just didn’t really wow me. Definitely worth the price if you don’t use an all over face primer though so I’d suggest trying in store and seeing how it works for you.

Would I buy Australis Eyeshadow Primer again: Not for me but possibly for a friend.

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