Long day is long so let’s get into it!

Videos first and then a big update of the site 😀

Now for the site updates 😀 I’ve been working pretty hard at making things better over the last few months and on the weekend I finally got to integrate most of it. I still have a couple of things to try out this week (including switching to a new system which will in theory will cut the load time in half) but the bulk of it is done so time for a run down of it all!

The aesthetic changes:

  • The left sidebar is now all slidy! This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Having less there will cut load time and it follows you around so you can keep all of the important stuff with you. They have also been made different sizes too which will be more useful later once I finish adding in all of my new widgets.
  • Navigation bar is now properly functional again and all of the pages actually go places.
  • All of the pages have had make overs. Most notably if you hover over the About link you will get a lot of FAQ options. A lot of the questions I get are answered in there so please do take a look!
  • New header, well not really new but nicer and brighter! It really opens the whole site up a lot more. I’m trying to put some of the ideas I’m using for my Home Sweet Home projects into practice online too so the whole design is much cleaner.

The backend changes:

  • These are still on going but rather than explain them all it just means a quicker site and less waiting around for loading.

You’ll probably start noticing some other little changes around the place gradually as I get to post them. My newer videos will have altered titles and endings, my Facebook page has a new header and there are a heap of other little things which are gradually being uploaded.

In another little piece of news the Bergamot shop should be open in the next 7 days so definitely look forward to that!!

Hope you all enjoy the new changes and had a good weekend!

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