My dirty clothes tend to end up on the floor. It’s a problem, mostly the problem is laziness. Partially the problem was I didn’t have a laundry basket in the bedroom.

Problem solved by making a super cute one!


Here’s the page from the Home Sweet Home Diary!VioletLeBeauxP1070465_18577

Dirty Clothes.

How can I store them? I hate those floppy baskets that always end up falling down! This sucks.


$12 Bin painted up cutely 😀 I made a liner with an old dress. Looking pretty good now! Goodbye ugly dirty clothes!

Let’s get started!


This is the bin that I picked up from a junk store for $12. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but not bad!

I painted it with acrylic paint mixed with PVA glue.


It took several coats and needed to have a base coat of the PVA so it stuck properly. Had I been thinking before I started I would have just laid down some masking tape but I didn’t so after finished I cleaned it up by scraping the extra off.


Once it was all dry I needed to make a liner. I used an old Bodyline dress which had a pretty serious stain on it. The best thing about using an old dress is that most of the sewing is already done!


Measuring how far down to make the frill so it overlaps the handles:


And the inside before it’s sewn up.


This is the dress I recycled, I wore it pretty much to death so now I’m going to be recycling it into several different things so the pretty pattern isn’t lost!


First was the frill to hold it in place in the top. I used elastic but you could also use a drawstring.


Inside out with the elastic it looks like a bubble skirt XD


Make sure your elastic has enough stretch that it can easily get on and off the bin otherwise the whole thing is a bit pointless XD


After sewing on the elastic:


Now to fix the bottom so the clothes don’t just fall out the other end! First I removed the straps (I’ll make hair ties with these later)


Then I removed the detailing at the top and cut it off in a nice straight line so it was easy to sew. I’ll remake that pretty detailing into a collar or something else pretty too.


Then it was just a matter of sewing up the bottom!




And it fits quite a lot of clothes in it too which is good because I hate doing laundry XD


And pop the lid back on and you can hide all of James’ gross dirty socks!!


Pretty cute solution, what do you guys think?


My home is starting to come together well! It’s much tidier already 😀

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