I started cleaning out my craft area today and found a stash old my old nails 😀 I know not all of you have been around here for years so I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my older nail art styles!

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-06_1403 copy

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-05_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-04_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-07_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-08_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-09_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-11_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-12_1403 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-13_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-14_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-15_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-16_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-18_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-20_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-22_1404 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-29_1405 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-32_1405 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-33_1406 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-38_1406 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-36_1406 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Nail-Art-37_1406 copy

Hope you enjoyed 😀

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