Sometimes it’s the small details that make all the difference in decorating and having clutter look less like clutter.


Today for Home Sweet Home I’m tackling a mini project which is the start of the wider craft area re-vamp.

Home-Make-Over-Journal-5This was originally supposed to be my first project XDSo let’s start small!

Project 1.

Organise the pin cushion!

  • Pick matching colours
  • Remake pin cushion as it’s old
Theory: cluttered crap looks good if it’s made from similar colours!
Old version of the pin cushion was made a couple of years ago and it’s taken a hell of a beating. The new version will be a little pink hedgehog but that’s part two of the project!
Part 1 of the project is something you can do with your eyes closed… well probably not because, you know, pins are pointy… but you know what I mean!
My pin collection is a mish mash of several types. I don’t think I’ve ever bought pins, I tend to just inherit them when people are getting rid of their sewing collections. So it looks like this:


Which is useful but also not very pretty because they don’t match. Also half of them are bent or broken and stuck somewhere inside the cushion >_<


So step 1, pull all the pins out and throw out the broken ones. Sort everything into colours.


Decide on a colour scheme, I picked shades of pink/white/red/purple and only put those colours back. So as not to be wasteful I donated the other pins to a friend’s sewing collection 😀




It’s amazing the difference just having similar colours makes. The cushion doesn’t quite match the pins but that’s on the project list too. I really think that little details like this make all the difference to the big picture!


Next step, hedgehog 😀