I bought this leopard print top/dress thing ages ago in Valley Girl and I love it to death but I always felt slightly uncomfortably wearing it because it’s quite low cut and the straps were too long for me. I already altered it by cutting off the bubble bottom so now it was finally time to do something about the top section.


All I used was some matching black netted fabric and a sewing machine.VioletLeBeaux-leopard-print-shirt-01_16564I cut a piece large enough to cover the cleavage area and folded it at the top so I had one less seam to sew.VioletLeBeaux-leopard-print-shirt-03_16566

Pinned it in place and tried it on to make sure it was sitting correctly.


Lastly I added some black lace at the top just for an extra detail.


While I was at the sewing machine I also shortened the strap.


I used white thread so you could see the inside:




I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to doing this >_< I like it so much more and it is much more wearable now!

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