When I started the Home Sweet Home Project I wanted to make a physical diary that I could keep of the progress. Like a scrapbook but full of drawings and pretty things. Of course it needed to be as pretty as the projects I was planning to do so it turned into a mini project in itself.


I went through all of my stickers trying to find something suitable then realised that I had far to many stickers for someone who really never uses them for anything.VioletLeBeaux-Note-book-decoration40939_15394I used a pre-made set for the base.VioletLeBeaux-Note-book-decoration40943_15398

And extended it out to cover the whole area. Finished 😀


As a front page I added in a watercolour chart as I was planning to do a lot of painting with it.


Now I can be assured that I’ll have something pretty to remember this whole experience with ^_^ Now back to the real projects!