Hi everybody!!! It’s you’re favorite person on this blog, me!!! JIMMY!!! woooooo!!!!!

Grab yourself some mardi gras beads and your favorite zydeco record because I’m taking your taste buds on a vacation to the deep south! What’s that, you don’t have a favorite zydeco record? I know, it’s so hard to choose, they are all just so awesome. Pulled pork isn’t just from the Southern United States, there are variations and recipes from all over the country but I like to make mine with a Cajun style Louisiana sweet mesquite meat rub, so lets hop on a fan boat and get cookin’ chere!



This recipe is REALLY easy. All you need is:

  • A bottle of coke
  • A bottle of BBQ sauce
  • A little less than a kilo of pork shoulder or 2 racks of pork ribs
  • Your favorite seasoning (optional)
  • 8 hours of your life you dont mind spending wishing for a time machine
You gotta love my exact measurements! I’d say use around 250ml of coke and around 250ml bbq sauce but it depends on the size of your pot, you need enough liquid to make it to the brim. I also didn’t use all that pork you see in the photo which is about 1.5 kilos, I chopped up the rest and made an awesome pork katsu curry.


According to Violet this recipe is even easier if you have a ruggedly handsome chef to do the cooking for you.


I prefer to make this recipe with pork ribs because I think ribs are just the best things ever. I would marry ribs. And have little rib babies. I would then take us on a family vacation and “accidentally” crash the plane on a deserted island and proceed to eat my wife and babies to survive and then be very sad. Not because I just ate the love of my life, but because I no longer had any ribs. Buy me some ribs.

Anyway, pork shoulder is much cheaper and to be honest it tastes about the same, shoulder is just a little harder to work with because:

a. It’s not as tender a cut of meat


b. You have to cut the fat off


 Once the fat is off you can do a few things with it

  1. Throw it away.
  2. Cover it in salt and make pork crackling.
  3. Put it on a spike as a warning to other pork fats that you are not a merciful ruler.
  4. Slap strangers across the face with it and yell “you’ve been pork-fatted!”

I only endorse two of those, but I’ll let you guess which ones. Cut the remaining pork up into pieces that fit in the bowl and pour in your favorite BBQ sauce. Measurements don’t have to be precise at all here. to be honest I have no idea how much BBQ sauce I poured in, but it was pretty much a 1:1 ratio with the coke I added later. The pork pieces dont have to be tiny either, but smaller pieces will break down easier. 2″ x 3″ strips should be more than fine.


Pour in the coke. I like to use vanilla coke, but it’s up to you. The coke just helps break down the enzymes in the meat and by the end it doesn’t really taste much like coke at all anyway. I have also been thinking of making this with orange fanta sometime for sort of a beef a l’orange kind of thing but the other members of the house seem to think that’s weird.


Just add enough so that it fills up to the brim


If you want, add your favorite spices. This recipe still comes out great without them, especially if you buy a really nice BBQ sauce, but I LUUUUUUVVVVV this meat rub. It’s from www.SouthernBBQSauce.com and makes EVERYTHING taste better.


 Toss it with your hands so that everything is well covered…


… look like a smug butthead…


… and pop it in the oven!


It’s going to be in there at just over 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) ((373.15 Kelvin)) for 6 hours. Well in total it’s going to be about 8 hours, so start this in the afternoon unless you like to have dinner at 4 am. If you are lucky enough to have a slow cooker then pop it in that instead. Also, if your oven is measured in kelvin then you may want to consider buying a new one…


 This is the most painful part because if you’re in an apartment like us then there is no way that you can escape the delicious smell coming from your oven. You will smell it everywhere and no matter what you eat, you will be wishing it was Coca-Cola pulled pork. Go ahead and give it a stir after 3 hours.


6 hours later…tadaa!!!


At this point pour it through a strainer. The bowl will be HOT. Too hot to just quickly try and grab it out of the oven and pop on the bench in bare hands because you can do it reallyreallyreally fast usually? You better believe it…


mmmm yummy.


You should be left with a bunch of meat pieces, so grab two forks and start just pulling everything apart. The pork pieces I cut up were pretty big so this time it was a little bit harder, but still worked. The first time I did this I used ribs and just cut the racks in two so they fit in the pot and at this point they just fell apart. It was awesome and delicious but make sure you get all the bones!!!!


Pour most of the sauce back into your bowl so that the meat floats a little. The more you pour back in, the longer you have to wait for it to reduce so the sauce thickens up a bit and doesn’t just run all over the place. Pop it back into the oven with the lid off at 150 Celsius, 356 Fahrenheit, 453.15 Kelvin (seriously, get a new oven) for an hour or two, but keep an eye on the sauce. If it’s too runny then crank the heat up a bit and if it’s too thick, add a bit more sauce. At this point it’s up to you how you like it.


After an hour and a half mine looks like this and I am too hungry to wait anymore!


Violet likes hers served on rice with sour cream and pickles. Everything melts together in a big gooey mess.


 I like mine on buttery toasted buns with sour cream, mozzarella cheese and pickles. Okay, so it’s not the healthiest of meals, but maybe you could make yours with coke zero?


Pulled pork is awesome and if you’re lookin’ to fancy up a BBQ, this is definitely the way to go! That’s all for now, but as they say in Louisiana (according to wikipedia anyway) Fisça da Geda ywum ywum doun bayeou!

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