Special outfits today because it includes some photo shoots from James!


My mum found this cape at an op shop and I love it, it’s so soft and beautifully cut.


Hat: Valley Girl
Cape: Thrift store
Dress: On loan from Celeste
Shoes: Femme ConnectionDSC_6095-wwwJimmyAmericacomI love this photo so much, we were just having lunch at the food court when James snapped this. It looks like it’s from a magazine *_*


These photos are from when we had dinner with our Glamaz friends 😀


There’s nothing very remarkable about the outfit but James was experimenting with some flash techniques and the photos turned out very cool!


My make up for the night including some small corner bottom lashes that I really like.


My eyes were super puffy because I had an allergic reaction earlier in the week ;_;


Lighter brighter make up using a gold shimmer:


Lastly James is making a series of videos on a winter themed photo shoot he did where he planned out everything from the hair and make up to all of the tiny details! I thought you guys might enjoy some of the photos, I’ll post the video in the round up.

So bright ^_^

My favorite photo:

Hope you guys enjoyed!