I wanted some of these leopard print earmuff last year but they were quite expensive and seeing as I’ve never found a need for them before I couldn’t justify the price. This year I saw them again in shops for the same price and my want level went a little higher XD

Luckily I found them for $3.99 in Groove so the fact that I may never wear them less important ^_^ But they were plain… and that never lasts long in my house!

End result:


Apparently earmuff make me sleepy XD

VioletLeBeaux-Leopard-Print-Ear-Muffs-50819_16582When I got them home I noticed some of the stitching was undone so I repaired that first.


Then I decided on a theme: lace and chain. Easy.


Design done.


Sewing… done 😀


Last for some extra interest I added the chain over the top part too.




Detailed, easy to do and best of all only $3.99.


Now I wish it would actually be cold on a day that I need to leave the house!


Earmuffs for the win!

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