Same jacket different days this time 😀


Skirt- 7 Angels
Shirt- 7 Angels
Shoes- Femme Connection
Jacket- DottiYou know what I love about this outfit? That the skirt and shirt were $3 each 😀 😀 😀VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Outfits-772_16535

And under the jacket!


I love drapy chiffon clothes at the moment, anything that swishes when I walk 😀


I thin the shirt/skirt are a really versatile set too because they can both be worn tighter or loose.


Now some make up 😀


I’ve being wearing bottom lashes a lot more lately but only on the corners. I’m yet to find a set that I like going all the way across.


Lots of brown and bronze too 😀


Outfit number 2 has the same jacket but in a completely different style. This was such a good buy 😀


Jacket- Dotti (like 7 years ago)
Scarf- Forever New
Skirt- Valley Girl (like 6 years ago)
Shirt- Old work shirt from when I was in highschool, probably Target or similar?
Glasses- Pink


I like that this is casual but still really comfy.


Underneath I wore the skirt high on my waist with an old work shirt. I tied the shirt in a knot to make it much more fitted 😀 My Mum saw this outfit and said it was very work-ish, probably because I haven’t worn a collared shirt in many many many years!


What is your favorite style at the moment? I think I’m leaning towards more sophisticated styles ^_^

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