So have you ever wondered how people make fancy perfect buns like this?


Well the answer is a hair donut. Really the same thing can be achieved with a sock, piece of foam or anything squishy that approximate  shape but hair donuts are cheap and come in a variety of colours.So what’s a girl to do when the shops are closed and she needs one for some photos or she can’t find them in her area? Make one of course!What I’m showing you today isn’t completely a hair donut, rather a hair sausage which is more versatile that a donut and can be worn in so many different ways (tutorials on those ways are up coming of course).

The end result is a light squishy tube which is flexible and held in shape via wire.


You need:

  • Polar fleece or similar stretchy fabric
  • Thick wire for the inside
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing or fabric scraps if you’re desperate
  • Pliers to cut and shape the wire.


Cut a piece of the wire a long as you want the sausage to be. Remember it needs to be able to wrap comfortably around a ponytail with a bit to spare and the ends will need to be curled over so they aren’t pointy. I made mine around 25cm and then curled the ends into circles as seen below.


Fold a piece of polar fleece in half and lay the wire on top.


Cut out a trapezoid shape like below and make it substantially longer than the wire, the long end of mine was almost double that of the wire.


Stitch from one corner up the side and around to the other side. Leave a gap so you can turn it inside out.


Turn it inside out ^_^


You should have something along these lines…


Put the wire inside.


Stitch on each side through the wire loops. This will hold it in place and make sure it doesn’t slip around inside.


Because the polar fleece is bigger than the wire it will look something like this when you sew each loop.


Fill the whole thing with stuffing.


It should be packed in there fairly tightly but not so much so that it can’t bend.


Stitch the end up and you’ve got a hair sausage!


To use it you just need to make a ponytail, wrap this around and the form the bun around it.

The reason I prefer the sausages to donuts is that you can use them in a variety of ways including in vintage style rolls etc. I’ve seen a lot of sock versions of this too, have you ever tried them?


I’ve got tutorials on how to use it in a variety of ways coming up soon 😀



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