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How To Make Snowflake Window Stickers Instructions
Today I’m making snowflake window stickers!
Start by drawing your design on to a sheet of baking paper.
I’m doing a snow flake but you can do whatever shape you like.
Use puff paint to trace the design.
You can also buy proper window sticker paint but puff hair is cheaper and more accessible where I live.
Experiment with different sizes and thicknesses depending on the paint.
You may find that if your paint is too runny you won’t be able to do small details.
You can also cut the tip of the paint to create different shapes kind of like piping cream.
Leave it until it’s completely dry, mine took overnight.
Gently peel it off the paper when it’s completely dry.
Be gentle so you don’t damage any of the little parts.
Wet the back slightly and apply it to your window.
These are a great way to brighten up any room… so long as you have a window obviously.
Such a fun and easy project, next time I want to do a bunch of little stars to decorate my mirror with.
Check out the link in the description for a photo version of the tutorial on my blog.
I hope you enjoyed the video, good luck if you give it a try and thanks so much for watching!

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