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A few weeks ago I was invited to get my nails done by Miss Clara. We didn’t have enough time to do a full set at the Tsumiki event so I came back a week later for a set of acrylics and 3D nail art.

I gave her some inspiration of using Bergamot and knowing my tastes she came up with a Bergamot x LizLisa inspired theme. LOVE THEM! I had a lovely time and even weeks later they look absolutely perfect so be sure to check out Clara at Tsumiki!

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3D Japanese Nail Art Bunnies and Flowers
Hi Everyone!
Today we’re at Tsumiki Salon and the lovely Clara is going to do my nails.
Oh no wait, don’t look at my nails now, look at them after.
So we were talking about designs and stuff and I figured we could use Bergamot somehow because she hasn’t been on the blog too much and this is a good opportunity!
Clara- We’re going to do acrylic nails for Violet today because she’s got really short nails. She’s a nail biter, naughty girl.
So we’re going to get some acrylic nails done and hopefully incorporate Bergamot in the design.
Clara H, Violet LeBeaux at Tsumiki design.
Bergamot Bunny Nail Art.
Clara prepped and buffed my nails.
Then applied acrylic nail extensions
I chose a long length and shape for extra design room.
She created a pink and silver glitter gradient to my thumbs and ring fingers.
Under coat.
Milky base coat.
She worked pink glitter in layers for the gradient.
Then added silver.
Next Clara painted flowers on my other nails.
Light pink acrylic paint splotches were the base.
The splotches were then outlined in dark pink to create roses.
Next she added tiny green leaves.
Outlines for more definition were added in other colours.
Clara then applied a clear top coat.
Next up were the acrylic Bergamots.
So much focus!
Not so much here.
Bergamot’s face consists of an oval.
and two lopsided sausage ears.
The ears have little hearts in them.
Plus a floppy bow.
Clara painted the face details in acrylic paint.
The thumb design started with a tea container.
Then Bergamot’s body hugging it from the side.
Clara worked in some insanely tiny details.
Lastly she topped it off with some bling.
The acrylic areas were all top coated.
When she was done it was time to camwhore a bit.
So the verdict from the Tsumiki staff?
Epic nails were promised and epic nails were delivered. Thank you so much Clara!
Clara- you’re welcome, I hope you like them
I love them, they look exactly like Bergamot.
Please go on and visit Clara’s website and blog, links will be down below.
She’s going to start a youtube channel with tutorials and stuff soon so make sure to check it! And I will post links there too!
Thank you so much!
Clara- thank you!
The nails look amazing!Check out the blog post in the description for some big photos of all the details.
Clara is insanely talented and I would recommend her 100% especially if you love 3D Japanese style work as much as I do!
Definitely have a look at her website for more beautiful nailart.
Thank you for a wondering afternoon Clara!

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