A while ago the PR department fro the new Hello Kity line of make up contacted me to see if I wanted to try out some samples from the new collection… umm YES! So let’s go through these one by one!


Pretty Mascara- Magnetic Look in Dark Black- $14.95

The packaging is very pretty thought it didn’t take long for some of the pink to scratch off from being in my bag. The brush is average sized and flexible. The formula doesn’t clumpy and the brush separates lashes very easily. It lengthens but doesn’t really thicken much so it’s good for natural looks. I really like this mascara actually, the only thing that could make it better for me would be if it came in a better or smaller bottle as it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the collection.


Pretty Eyeliner Matte Black- $11.95

I love the mini bottle that this comes it, it’s perfect handbag size. The applicator is a felt tip in a medium size and it makes doing flicks quite easy. The finish is very matte which was interesting. I liked how quickly it dried but my main complaint was that once dry it felt kind of chalky and rubbed off on my fingers easily. It’s not a bad eyeliner and it’s definitely something I would keep in my collection because of the interesting finish it gives.


Nail Polish in Golden Girl $9.95

Very cute polish, it’s a gold base with a silver shimmer so the finish is very interesting. I think this would look amazing used in a Konad stamp or something similar because it would provide a lot of shine. The formula is good, it dries fast and I like the design of the bottle.


Compact in Pashmina Ambre- $14.95

This compact is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for my handbag: slim, cute and with a mirror that seems to magically keep itself clean. Unfortunately the powder is the darkest shade available so it’s only use to me is as a bronzer with isn’t really my thing. I did test it out and the smooth formula almost convinced me to give bronzers another chance… almost. It is very smooth, sheer and has a slight light catching shimmer to it. I think I would definitely give the lighter pink shades a try as blush or possibly for contouring but this one is much too dark for my skin. That said I can’t fault the formula and would recommend it for others especially with the cute compact.


Semi Matte Lipstick in Bollywood- $12.95

Love how small the tubes of these are, the amount of lipstick seems the same as other full size ones I own but the tiny containers make them very handbag friendly which I love. So big tick on the package for both of these lipsticks. This is a very bold shade, I love that even as bright as it is it’s still a really wearable colour. It doesn’t really stain either so it’s quite forgiving to mistakes made while applying. While on the lips it feels very moisturising but that moisture also makes it a little hard to keep on so I found myself reapplying fairly often.


Shine and Kiss Lipstick in Violetta- $12.95

Basically my thoughts on this are the same as the first one. I did’t think the colour would be wearable at first because it’s so dark but it’s much more sheer so it gives quite a nice plum finish. It reminds me a lot of the 90’s which is a good thing!


Shadow Duet in La Dame Au Camelia- $11.95

I really liked these colours, the purple has a lovely shimmer to it and compliments the pink really well. The light pink is more pigmented than the purple but they blend really well together and form a nice look. They last quite well through the day and I really like the container, it’s just begging to be deco’d 😀

Hello Kitty Priceline Make Up Collection Review

Obtained: PR provided.


Overall I liked the collection, the prices are a bit hit and miss for the quality but I would definitely look at purchasing more of the collection. I have bought another lipstick and lipgloss and I think all of the lip products are the best performers overall from the collection. Definitely worth a look at the other eyeshadows and compacts as well!

Would I buy Hello Kitty Make Up again: Yes, I have and I probably will look for the new collections in future.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my honest opinions whether product was provided for review or bought. I am not an expert, just a girl who likes beauty products. Click here to read about my personal preferences or for more information on “Currently Using” mini review posts. Click here for my Editorial and Ethics Policy.

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