Too many episodes of Pushing Daisies have been stuck in my head lately so I got it into my head to try and make Chuck’s Cup Pies 😀 I didn’t bother looking for a recipe because it’s such an easy concept.

You need:

  • Strawberries
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Pastry
  • Muffin tin


Cut up the strawberries into small pieces and put them in a bowl. I used around a punnet and that made 6 pies.VioletLeBeaux-Strawberry-Cup-Pie37_14664Add around 1 and a half table spoons of honey.


Dump in around 4 tablespoons of sugar.


Mix it all together until everything is wet.


Line the muffin tray with pastry. I was in a hurry so I went for a messier… more rustic look XD


Spoon in the strawberry mixture.


Add a pastry top.


Fold in the edges and press them with a fork. Don’t forget to poke some holes in the top too!


Bake for around 20 minutes at 180 degrees C or until the tops are all golden and delicious looking.


Trust me, they’re so delicious you won’t even have time to take a photo of the finished project because SOMEONE will eat them all while watching Game of Thrones… ok yes it was me but they were soooo good *_* Go make and eat now, I command you!