Argh Summer (which has turned very wet and cold this week) has brought out my obsession of daisies again! I took down my wall of daisies a couple of months ago so I now have 50 or so of these little flowers laying around just waiting for fun adorable crafts to happen with them 😀

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0572_1291 copy

So the first thing I did with them was make some fridge magnets!

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0551_1289 copy

You need:

  • Fake flowers
  • Hot glue
  • Felt
  • Magnet strips
These daisies came on a big long chain which I dismantled, you can generally pull apart any cheap fake flowers and get something like this.

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0554_1289 copy

Because I want them to sit flat I snipped off the pointy part which attached to the stem.

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0556_1289 copy

Then I cut some little squares of magnet strips. The base of the flower is curved so I used felt to create a new base for the magnet to sit on.

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0557_1289 copy

Cut a circle of felt and leaving a little room in the middle, hot glue two of the sides like this.

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0562_1290 copy

Glue down the other two sides when the first ones are dry. Don’t pull it tight otherwise it won’t form a flat base.

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0565_1290 copy

Press down the middle bubble of felt with your finger and it should form a little flat square of felt.

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0566_1290 copy

Bam! You have a flat area to stick your magnet to… so glue it down ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0570_1291 copy


VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0571_1291 copy

Now make about 50 more and you’ve got an awesome fridge waiting to happen 😀

VioletLeBeaux-daisy-magnet-tutorial-0572_1291 copy

Any suggestions for other crafts using these? I’m going to make some hair pins/velcro/alice bands with them 😀 If it’s going to be stupidly hot and Summery I’m going to beat the weather at it’s own game >:D