Here’s another very simple hime gyaru phone strap that I made to use as some inspiration ^_^ Even if you don’t have these exact materials you could easily substitute or just use the base idea to create something much more elaborate 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-91_1391 copy

I used an old hair tie with a bow on it and a pretty hair clip which had broken.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-78_1390 copy

I snipped off the hairband and removed the clips.VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-80_1390 copyI use felt for the backing of clips like this to cover all of the joins.VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-82_1391 copySo after deciding on placement I cut out the shape of felt.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-83_1391 copy

I glued it all together.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-84_1391 copy

Then added a jewellery loop at the top with a second piece of felt to anchor it.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-85_1391 copy

Phone strap attached…

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-88_1391 copy


VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-90_1391 copy

Two old hair accessories recycled into something pretty and new which will be a great gift for a friend 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-91_1391 copy

I am loving making things like this, I keep fantasizing about when we have a bigger house and I’m able to have a craft room again. I can totally imagine myself sitting around all day and making phone straps and things, who knows maybe I would even have a little shop, that sounds like so much fun 😀 *dreaming*