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Lancome Infinite Power Vibrating Mascara

Price: $39.96

Obtained: Given in gift bag


Vibrating mascara has always been a love/hate concept for me. I like the idea but I also don’t like the idea of vibrating things near my eyes because they’re very sensitive and ticklish. To get this one to vibrate you have to hold down the button on the lid which can be a bit annoying to do for long periods of time.  The formula is thick and very black. It thickens my lashes a whole lot but  also found that the thin brush made it harder to distribute easily. I wasn’t a fan of how it looked on the top lashes but the tiny prongs of the brush made it very easy to apply on the bottom lashes. This is one of my favorites to use on bottom lashes because of the brush. Overall I don’t think the vibrating really made a difference to application so I preferred to use it without.

Would I buy Lancome Infinite Power Vibrating Mascara again: Probably not. While I like it for bottom lashes the price is a bit high for something that I would only use on the bottom. The vibrating wasn’t so much use for me. That said it might be exactly what someone else is looking for on top too so definitely worth a test.

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