Bare Minerals Escentuals Mineral Foundation

Price: $70.00

Obtained: Given by PR at an event


I went to a trial event of Bare Minerals foundation a while ago, here’s a video of it being applied to me:

We were all given a pack to take home with us and try. I used the lightest foundation daily for several months and found it to be quite nice. I couldn’t use it on it’s own because it dried out my skin too much.

It went very well over the top of other foundation though so I used it as a matt finishing powder. Very nice for that and I would continue using it in that purpose but as a foundation by itself it dried my skin out too much. The coverage was medium and I couldn’t completely get rid of my freckles even though it’s advertised as being able to cover all kinds of skin defects etc.

The biggest disappointment for me was the brushes. The first time I used them there was a massive amount of bristle fall out as you can see below…


Even after several uses I was constantly cleaning them off my table so I’m not sure if I just got a dud or whether they are all of this quality.

Overall I really did like the foundation and continue to use it now, just not by itself.

Would I buy Bare Minerals Escentuals again: I would buy the foundation again definitely but not in a kit like this as I don’t have use for the brushes or extra shades. I would suggest getting matched for colour in store and then trailing to see if this works well with your skin before purchasing.

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