Over the holidays I took a week off and it was the best time I’ve had pretty much all year! One of the things I want to do this year is relax more and do things that I want to do, I worked my arse off last year and I think if I keep going that way I’m just going to burn out.

So in the spirit of that, James dug out my watercolour set and bought me some new supplies and I haven’t really stopped painting since. I don’t remember half of the things I used to know and I’m definitely very out of practice but I’m having a whole lot of fun relearning and playing around with it. I’m knocking off work earlier at night now so while we play Assassin’s Creed I do some painting or craft. It’s a really nice feeling to be inspired again 😀

So here are a couple of the random things I’ve painted, they’re just silly sketches but I haven’t gotten around to uploading any of the more complicated pieces I’ve tried yet. I’ve been taking video of me painting too and I’m going to upload the first proper one tomorrow, it’s a portrait of Fables in Fashion!

Have any of you rediscovered an old hobby lately? Any suggestions for things to do while relaxing?

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