So I found this dress in my clean out which doesn’t look as good on as it should.

I love the detail around the bust but the rest is just unflattering on me.


Bust smocking is really pretty so I wanted to save it. Easiest fix=turn it into a thick beltVioletLeBeaux-Belt-From-Dress-DIY_6072_9279 

So to start I cut all of the smocking off…


and cut the seams out too so I could make it more “waist” width rather than “bust” width.



And then sewed the side seams back with an overlocker.




At this point I needed to decide what to do with the top seam. I didn’t really want to hem it and make it bulkier so decided to just overlock the top and bottom seams too.


Inside out:



Right way out:


I didn’t have any black thread on hand so I did it in white and went over it twice to make it a more dense featured white. I thought about adding some detailed embroidery in white with little beads but it got lost somewhere in my “half finished” pile >_< I’ll get around to it eventually… maybe 😀

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