One of my Christmas presents this year from the awesome Fables in Fashion was this awesome Unii magnetic palette. So the other day I set about consolidating some of my favorite eyeshadows into an ultimate travel palette!

This time I used the hair straightener method and here’s the way I did it.

First I collected all of my shadows and worked out exactly how many I could fit in.

VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-67_1399 copy

After letting my mini straightener heat up I picked the first palette to do, since I hadn’t used the method before I picked one that I had another very similar colour to incase it didn’t go well.VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-70_1399 copyI placed the shadow onto the straightener and used it to gently heat the back, this loosens the glue and allows you to pry them out easily. I was careful not to heat it enough to melt the plastic, just enough to be warm.VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-73_1400 copyUsing a sewing needle I gently wedged the shadows out. It was a little hard at first because there wasn’t much room between the shadow and plastic but after working the various sides and reheating a few times I managed to pop it out.VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-74_1400 copy


VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-77_1400 copy

Some of the shadows I depotted required a bit of clean up on the bottoms and sides to remove the extra glue or extra crushed shadow.

VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-78_1400 copy

This was my placement, you can see that the gold (a super cheap one from a palette I hardly use now) didn’t quite fit so I used some scissors and snipped off the end. A couple of the shadows cracked while I was removing them but I fixed that easily by repressing with some hand sanitiser.

VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-81_1400 copy

Some of the shadows were magnetic to start with but others I needed to add the magnets that came with the palette, this posed a bit of a problem with a couple of the larger ones because they were quite tall and with the added magnet the lid no longer closed. I also found the adhesive on the magnets didn’t want to stick to some of the shadows. I figured I probably wouldn’t be changing the shadows around any time soon so I used thin double sided tape instead.

So there you go, these are the colours I use the most and now they’re all in one place and I don’t have to pack a billion things when I travel!

VioletLeBeaux-depot-eyeshadow-tutorial-82_1400 copy

Absolutely love it and it makes my morning make up routine so much more organised and easy! Thank you Celina!


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