Mirenesse Invisible Fill Foundation

Price: $59.50

Obtained: Gift Bag


You know what I love about this first and foremost? The packaging. Seriously, whoever designed this is a genius because not only does it have a very nice sponge applicator built in, it also has a mirror built into the lid for application. So handy! The only problem I could for see with this is that if I stick it in my handbag it will probably get scratched, other that that it’s awesome!

The colour I received in the gift bag was much too dark for my skin so I only wore this at home to test it out. The formula was quite sheer and it is lightly perfumed so I do suggest testing before buying to see if the scent is ok for you. So other than it being the wrong colour I actually loved the scent and the formula. The bottle is pretty big which is also a plus. It goes on very smoothly and dries to a matt finish.

The sponge did application well but I also found that buffing it in with a brush afterward gave an even better finish. Lasted about as long as my other foundations but while I was wearing it my skin felt so much smoother and softer. Really liked it actually and I would definitely look into getting the lighter shade from this range even though it’s quite pricey.

Would I buy Mirenesse Invisible Fill Foundation again: Possibly in a different shade if I had the money.

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