Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Price: $150

Obtained: Gift Bag


I was really excited to try this out because everything I’ve read about it has been so hyped up. I received two bottles in various gift bags so I had a nice supply of it to do a long term test.

I used it for around 3 months before I started testing other things and while every night my skin felt really nice I didn’t notice any long term difference in the textre. That could be because I’m 24 and aging isn’t a huge problem for me or it could be that it just doesn’t go well with my skin, I really don’t know either way.

It smells kind of like a lot of those natural moisturizers which while not being my favorite smell it is quite refreshing when you put it on. I only needed a couple of drops for my whole face so while it’s definitely in the luxury price range you can be pretty frugal with it. In the end I gave the rest to my Mother because I felt bad wasting such an expensive product when I wasn’t seeing results because I was out of the target market for it. She really liked it so I think it’s probably best for those with aging concerns, in a couple of years I’ll be back trying it again hahaha!

Would I buy Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair again: Not now but I might buy it as a gift and I will try it again in a few years when I’m more concerned about aging.

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