Ok so the competition to name Miss Bunny is almost over, go submit your entries if you want the chance to win a bunny and haven’t already.

A lot of people have asked if I’m going to make any bunnies to sell. The short answer is yes I would love to make some to sell but I want to do it right so I’m not going to rush things. I’m finalising the pattern at the moment and I have a couple of questions which it would really help me if you could answer 😀

At the moment I’m planning to take pre-orders in 1-2 weeks for the first batch of bunnies. I’ll be away a bit in Dec and they take time to make so I can’t promise they would get there in time for Christmas but if you were getting them as a gift I could send a special bunny tag or something so you can give them as gifts and then I would send the actual bunnies in early January depending on how many are ordered.

Thanks for all of your wonderful feedback, I can’t wait to learn Miss Bunny’s real name!

Thanks again and on to the tutorial!

I haven’t decided how to make my Christmas cards this year, we don’t really celebrate it but everyone we know does so I send them out anyway XD I thought I would show you some of the designs I came up with while trying to decide on my final cards.

This version is a simple yet pretty lace and fabric greeting card.


What you need:

  • Paper/card
  • Lace
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
First thing’s first, let’s make the card. Take an A4 sheet of paper and place it down landscape. Fold it in half left to right and then again top to bottom. Unfolded it should have these creases…


Folded up it will look like this, it’s a basic greeting card but the way it’s folded will allow you to tuck all of the ends of the lace inside so they can’t be seen.


Cut a heart out of your fabric, you really could use any shape but this fabric looks so cute in hearts!


Hot glue it to the front of the card:


Decide how you want to arrange your lace, I decided on a strip up the top and another on the bottom.



Glue the lace in place around the outside of the card.


Unfold the card and glue the ends of the lace to the inside. When the glue is dry add some more on top of each piece of lace and fold the card up again, this will keep it all in place.





Cute card and they don’t take very long to make at all. I really love how simple it is to do, you could personalise each one with a different fabric shape too if you wanted.


Do you guys hand make cards or just buy them? I like putting the effort in but I know most of mine just get thrown away so I’m tempted to not bother any more and spend the time making something better!


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