So that whole plushie making thing kind of got a bit obsessive and then this happened…


The others aren’t as good as the bunnies, the bunnies are totally my favorites but I still figured I’d show you what I spent so much time doing XD

I don’t really think it needs much explanation!

VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7335_9893VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7331_9891VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7328_9888I couldn’t find orange polar fleece at any of the shops I normally go to so a car shammy was sacrificed for this one XDVioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7332_9892VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7317_9877VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7330_9890VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7315_9876VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7324_9884VioletLeBeaux-Random-Plushies_7314_9875

And after that my fingers hurt like hell from the hand stitching. I’m working on ways to make the pattern more machine-stitch-able so I can make a bunny army… by the way want to see what a zombie bunny army looks like? I bet it’s something like this…


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