Wet 'n Wild Lipgloss ReviewWet 'n Wild Lipgloss ReviewWet 'n Wild Lipgloss Review

Wet ‘N Wild Glassy Gloss

Price: US$2.99 (according to my googling)

Obtained: Gift


I have to admit that nude lips scare me. Especially nude lips that are actually lighter than the skin colour, I think they can look really good on some girls but I have just always found that with my skin tone I end up looking like a corpse! So when this and a nude Cover Girl lipstick turned up in a gift box from Alisa I was really curious to see whether it would work for me.

The consistancy is that of a really high shine gloss and while it can be a little bit sticky (picture me in the wind getting my hair stuck to my mouth) the other points about it are good enough to make me want to keep wearing it. It stays on well and feels quite moisturising. In the tube it looks majorly orange but I was really surprised that when I actually put it on the pink tint in my lips shone through to make it a really nice colour that actually looked good and matched my skin. I think it’s the kind of colour that can adapt really well to different skin tones.

I actually felt really confident wearing this one (especially over the top of the Cover Girl one) out, it’s the kind of high gloss that you could pair with big dark sunglasses, a scarf over your hair and have a very casual day but still look like a damn movie star. I really enjoyed using this as a segue to try some more nude-ish colours, this was great for me because it’s got enough colour to not make me look dead.

Would I buy Wet ‘n Wild Glassy Gloss again: Yes and I would buy the other colours in the range too..

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