Food Friday will have to wait because I didn’t have time to edit the photos, maybe I’ll do Food Sunday this week instead!

I’ve seen a lot of variations of this kind of dangly charm bracelet jewellery and I’ve been wanting to put my own spin on it ^_^


The best part about it is that it takes absolutely no skill whatsoever to make :DYou need a bunch of random chains ribbons and charms in a colour scheme. I chose blue/white/gold.Ribbon-Necklace-VioletLeBeaux_4337_8954Cut lengths of the ribbons and chain. It should be around 1 and 1/3rds the length you want the finished product to be.


String charms randomly on to most of the ribbons, I left the chains blank because I couldn’t be bothered finding pliers.


Now the thing that keeps it all together is the knotting, grab another piece of ribbon, this one should be quite a bit longer than the others. Tie it in a tight knot around the other ribbons around 5cm from the ends.


Leave around 10cm gap and tie it around everything again. The placement of the knots is what determines the draping of the ribbons and charms.


Keep going until you’ve tied it all up. I had 4 knots by the end. Now we need to make a way to attach it around the neck/wrist. Cut the ends leaving around 2cm of ribbon after the end knot and leave around 6cm more of the ribbon you did the knotting with. Fold it in half like this so it forms a loop.


Wind a bunch of cotton around it and tie off to keep it in place. Now all you need to do is thread another ribbon through those loops and tie it around your neck!




Lots of dangly pretty things, I think this kind of style works best with lots of little dangly things.



I’m glad to get crafts like this out of my system! When I see really particular styles everywhere I just want to make one so I can stop thinking about it XD


What do all of you think? Do you like this style?


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