I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in Aus it’s horse racing season and everyone is talking about it. Surprisingly though actually living *in* Melbourne I hear less about the Melbourne cup than I did in Brisbane XD Still everyone is getting into Spring carnival mode and the retailers here are pushing it pretty hard to try and claw back some of the sales lost online.

The discussion is the same every year though: “What hat will you be wearing?!”

For me the answer is usually “Ugh, hat?” because I’ve only been once and it wasn’t to a major race.

Fascinators are very popular with my friends but I’ve always thought 99% of them look a little silly because they tend to look like someone’s tried to built some kind of sculpture on your head but gotten bored half way through 😉 So James challenged me to make one that I didn’t hate and remembering the 1% that I do like (generally very vintage themed) this is what came out:



I’m still not completely sold 😉

What I used:

  • Milliners netting which we found in the black hole downstairs
  • Hot glue
  • Fake flowers
  • Black lace
  • Hair Comb
  • Some dangly trim my Mum cut off one of her tops
So the key to these is the netting, it needs to be quite stiff. You could use stiff tulle if you want.
It was very hard to photograph it though being white so excuse the next few photos. So first thing I did was cut a long rectangle and fold in half.


I placed the two bottom corners over one of each other…


Squished the middle down on top of the two corners and hold in place! You can sew it in place or glue it to hold it while you go get the comb part.


You can stitch it to the comb if you want but I figured I wasn’t going to be wearing this very often so I decided on glue.


The comb part goes under facing the same way as the bulk of the fabric.


To give the front a point of interest I glued some bling to it. I did want to do it all the way around the edges but didn’t have enough. The netting I was using didn’t fray because it’s plastic but I would suggest edging/hemming/covering the edges with something to prevent it degrading over time. I left the rest of mine plain because I thought with the colour, the slightly deconstructed look made it blend to my hair a bit better.


So the bling:


I wanted something pretty to cover the comb part so I added some fake flowers ^_^


It didn’t really match so I tied it all in by adding 2 layers of black lace as a frill.


Then glued it on.


Then to cover all of the icky parts on the inside I glued a strip of lace over it all.DIY-Fascinator-VioletLeBeaux_4373_8990

Give it a while to cool down and avoid gluing it to your hair 😉




So I’m not really a fascinator convert but I do quite like this one and it was fun to do something different 😀 I probably like it because it looks much more like a veil haha!


Hopefully you found my adventures into diy fascinators useful ^_^ Is the culture of picking the right hat or fascinator for the races as big everywhere else as it is here?


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