How many times can I re-organise this table? Well apparently several >_< I just can’t settle with a design that is practical and still pretty so I keep redoing it every time it gets messy. I promised to show it next time I finished reorganising so here it is!

One of my next projects is to recover the stool, that fabric is so worn >_<


Eyelashes are stuck to the wall and claw clips around the mirror.VioletLeBeaux-make-up-storage_4144_8723

You can see all the lighting around the mirror that I use for my videos too and the mini mirror I actually use in front.


On the right I have make up removers, brushes, mascara and anything pencil shaped.





I have a lot of brushes packed in there because of the Royal Langnickel set we were given at ABBW, before that I only had like 5 XD


My straightener is kept on a heat proof mat thingy and then the rest of my hair stylers are beneath the table.VioletLeBeaux-make-up-storage_4165_8744

In the middle is a silly boyfriend and a big coastal scents palette.


I have a container for bobby pins and lashes I’ve used but haven’t cleaned properly yet. It used to have a candle in it and was too cute to throw away.


James’ guitar case is on the left of the desk so I keep my big hair sprays etc on top.


Recently I got this big set of drawers from Office Works for around $15. Very good value and it holds heaps of stuff!


On the very top are the products I use pretty much every day.


Then the top draw is full of lip products.


Then eye shadows and glitter.




Next drawer is all bushes and eye palettes.


And lastly big things that don’t fit anywhere else XD It’s mostly facial moisturisers etc.


I want to de-stash though because it seems like a lot of stuff to have and I can’t keep track of it all >_<


So how do you store your make up? Do you have drawers or some other way to organise? I’m definitely thinking it’s time to de-stash pretty much the whole house. My craft stuff is getting out of control especially >_<


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