My headphones broke the other day so that seemed as good as excuse as any to decorate another pair. The result was some floral crochet. headphonephoto

So what you need:

  • Pinkish purple, green and white yarn
  • Matching size crochet hook
  • Headphones
  • Scissors

VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone23_8524 I won’t repeat the basic steps so if you want to see the instructions on that part check out the other tutorial I did on friendship band headphones! VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone26_8526 So this was the result of that, I was going for a floral theme so I thought the headphone wires could be stems of the flowers so I did it in green. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone27_8527   So now you just need to make a flower, I’m pretty lazy so I decided to use the most basic flowers I could remember how. If you can make a chain you can make these XD Cast on a stitch. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone28_8528 Chain 4 VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone29_8529 Poke the hook through the first loop again. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone30_8530   Chain through that loop to form a circle. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone31_8531 Chain 6 VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone32_8532 And chain through the next stitch on the first circle. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone33_8533 That’s the first petal. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone34_8534 Repeat it to make 4 more petals 😀 VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone35_8535 Now change colours to pink and chain 10. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone36_8536 Attach it to the middle of the next white petal and keep going until you have 4 more petals behind the white. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone38_8538 Done! Now tie it off and leave the ends long. Tie a flower to each ear bud and one to the bottom. Leaving the ends long will make it even more spring-ish. VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone39_8539 Taaadaaa… VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone41_8541
I was thinking of maybe adding another couple of smaller flowers and maybe some beads/diamantes to the ends of the strings. What do you think? VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone42_8542 VioletLeBeaux_Crochet_Flower_Headphone40_8540Lastly, following on from the Magshop advertorial last week, Nuffnang have asked me to mention they have another offer as the competition ended so soon:

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What do you guys think of the headphones, I think there are so many variations of these I want to make now!