Mmm time for food friday and today I visit the new frozen yoghurt place in QV- Tutti Frutti


I looooooove frozen yoghurt. No really I looooooooooooove frozen yoghurt. Every time a new store opens down here I want to check it out!violetlebeaux_tuttifrutti_review_4031_8627I’ve walked past the new place in QV quite a few times wanting to go in because it’s the first one I’ve seen here which is self serve and is charged by weight.


So meeting up with Celeste was a good excuse to try it out XD


The idea is you get a cup…


Fill it with whatever flavors you like, I tried green tea, taro and chocolate.



They had 6 flavors total to choose from: plain, chocolate, raspberry, mango, taro, green tea.


Then you add as many toppings as you want.


And take it to the counter to be weighed and paid for.


Between the three of us I think we tried all the flavours other than plain and they were really good. This was my first time trying taro yoghurt and it was surprisingly yummy. I’ve only had taro pancakes before and they were terrible so I was surprised how much I actually liked this.


The prices are about average for frozen yoghurt here with all of ours being around the $7 mark. You get more for your money though because you get to decide how many toppings you want and can mix flavours. Unlimited mochi? Yes please hahaha!violetlebeaux_tuttifrutti_review_4024_8620

There was a good range of toppings both sweet things and healthier fruit options.violetlebeaux_tuttifrutti_review_4036_8632

The yoghurt itself was yummy and quite flavoured without having the sourness that some frozen yoghurts get.



I will definitely be going back sometime soon 😀 I’m really glad to live somewhere with so many yummy food choices!violetlebeaux_tuttifrutti_review_3988_8584

So yes, if you’re ever near QV and in the mood for some frozen yoghurt check out Tutti Frutti ^_^ Do you guys like frozen yoghurt? What are your favorite flavours? I’m liking green tea with chocolate and mochi for toppings at the moment. Have any of you ever tried to make it at home? I’ve always wanted to so I’ll have to think about stealing borrowing Celeste’s icecream maker XD

Have a great weekend!




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